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awesome ggomma

Hello, I’m ggomma from DAVA team. It’s already been over 6 months since I first met you under the name ‘DAVA’. Thank you for always being with us. Today, I would like to share the situation of DAVA and the future as honestly as possible.

The road we’ve walked so far
DAVA was started to create the avatar system needed in the upcoming multi-metaverse era. In the future, the user should be able to dress the avatar with a fashion item on any metaverse(inter-operable/on-chain), and use it as a account(unique address). In order to make it technically compatible with metaverse, high-quality fashion items must be stacked in the DAVA protocol. To that end, the primary goal was to create a creator economy where everyone could become creators and produce fashion items and make profits. We’ve walked towards that unchanging goal.

  • November 2021: Product Launch
    Four team members have gathered to launch an on-chain avatar system in Ethereum that allows all avatars to have their own ‘address’ while being able to ‘wear’ other NFTs for the first time in the world.
  • December 21: Community Integration via Gang System / Christmas Bulk Drop
    Community activity was reduced due to issues such as poor community operations and high gas costs that occurred during the minting process. We judged that the activity of community members is the most important factor in what DAVA is trying to create. Therefore, we thought that we needed events for community members to participate in, so we conducted Gang System and Christmas Airdrop.
  • January 22: System Issue Resolution / Focus on Wearable Systems
    I realized that it is necessary to focus on Fundamentals, not on short-term events, to revitalize the community. Therefore, we started polygon migration work and team expansion with the aim of solving existing system issues and securing a lot of wearable content.
  • February 22: Polygon Migration Preparation
    We started researching and developing technology to transfer DAVA and wearable in Ethereum to polygon with minimal gas cost.
  • March 22: Polygon Migration
    We have successfully started Polygon migration and established an environment where we can freely use wearable functions.
  • April 22: Story, Worldview, External Partnership
    Through partnerships with IP, various wearables were supplied, and attempts were made to expand the community via stories, casino, events, etc.
  • May 22
    In May, the size of the team has grown considerably. Now we have two PMs, five developers, three artists, two marketers.

What we decided to do but couldn’t do it, and why
We talked to the community, and many people were looking forward to it, but what we couldn’t do was largely $DAVA, Metaverse Integration, and external partnerships. The main reason for this was that the project should be taken from a long-term perspective rather than a short-term perspective.

  • DAVA Token(Pre-DAVA Token)
    First of all, Token is the most common element used by many NFT projects to generate short-term price increases. However, as most results show, the hasty Token launch not only lowers the price of the token, but also takes away much of the momentum that the project can rise again. Therefore, we decided to launch Token after having a stronger token economy, community, and system.
  • Metaverse Integration
    Now what we call Metaverse is actually just a very early stage. As everyone knows, very few users use services such as SandBox, Decentraland, CryptoVoxel, etc. Therefore, the fact that the team is doing metaverse integration now means that most of the resources are spent on things without impact. Therefore, we decided to focus on securing content called wearable before metaverse integration.
  • External partnerships
    Since the start of the project, we have discussed the partnership of releasing parts with a considerable number of web2 and web3 communities. And after some conversation, we shared the community. However, there were many things to consider, such as planning and design, because they had to capture their IP in wearable form, and many teams decided that it would be better to launch the project themselves rather than release wearable. In most cases, the partnership was canceled or postponed indefinitely at the end of the discussion.

Thinking, and Conclusion
Many people helped and joined us, but the market’s response was cold. After the polygon migration, we held LOK events, The Sandbox Parts Sale on Crypto.com, and partnerships with sandbox networks, but it was not enough to change the flow. In this process, opinions continued to emerge within the team and in the community that changes were needed, followed by fierce discussions. The issue has been more serious since April.

What is the biggest reason why we missed the momentum and made it difficult for external partners to join? What if BAYC launched a wearable system. If Gucci were to release DAVA parts now, would things be different? If DAVA can roam SandBox now, will existing issues be resolved?

After much discussion, we found that the fundamental issue is that systems that cannot generate continuous demand and communities that can participate are limited compared to the technological superiority of the wearable system. So we concluded as follows.

Only when DAVA itself becomes a strong brand can it secure the content of the initially targeted wearable and the token system work.

But it’s not just about releasing a variety of wearables, holding events, and releasing tokens. Therefore, we decided that a fundamental change was needed to reverse the current situation. And we decided to focus on ‘what we’re good at’ and ‘a model that can grow with communities and partners’.

DAU (Decentralized Autonomous Universe)

Based on the “On-Chain Composable” technology and operational know-how that no one in the world has, dava is now looking to create a “Decentralized Autonomous Universe (DAU)” that can imprint the brand dava on people around the world. The existing “Wearable” will be used as an “Item” within the game system, and instead of “Metaverse Integration,” we will create an “Open Metaverse Game” where anyone can create and operate planets. “On-Chain Composable” technology enables ‘user-generated metaverse’ and many Builder participation, which were not possible in traditional game systems.

DAVA humanoid is now out of 0xDAVA and exploring the infinite ‘DAVA universe’ that has not yet been pioneered. You will explore this vast universe, discover new planets, and gain or plunder new and rare items useful for space exploration. And with the new experience of owning and operating planets, protecting and expanding their own planets, you will be able to carve out your own destiny in the DAVA universe, which is still in darkness. Furthermore, you might encounter another completely different universe that is still uncertain about its existence.

To make this new DAVA universe richer, the team plans to focus on expanding its internal and external ecosystems. We have recently begun discussing the concrete structure of $DAVA, which will be the cornerstone of the DAVA universe economic ecosystem, and wearable item and $DAVA will be the public content and goods of all partners participating in DAVA’s open metaverse game in the future. In addition, through various forms of partnership, we will quickly expand our items, run the planet together, and secure exclusive content that only DAVA holders can enjoy.

We will continue to share more details.

It is not an implemented game but a concept art, so it may be different from the image of the game to be released.



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DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!