Snapshot Announcement(EN)

3 min readApr 6, 2022


For community members who contribute to our ecosystem, we hereby announce that we will be taking Weekly Snapshot.

Yeah, you know what it means.


Through our avatar system for the multi-metaverse and diverse collection of wearable parts, DAVA is striving towards our motto of ‘Make the world know how ____ you are.’ Moreover, the W2E (Wear-to-Earn) system is key in aligning incentives between wearable makers and consumers, and will play an essential role in expanding the DAVA ecosystem.

For community members who contribute to the development of the W2E system and the expansion of our ecosystem, we hereby announce that we will be taking Weekly Snapshots from April 13th, 2022.

How does it work?

We will take weekly snapshots of the scores of all DAVA Humanoids. The weekly snapshots will be utilized in determining the initial token allocation of $DAVA token, based on the user’s contribution to the ecosystem. This reflects our philosophy that reasonable rewards should be given to those who maintain high scores and rankings.

In order to further encourage community expansion and leaderboard competition, additional benefits will be provided based on rankings.

  • First Snapshot: April 13th, 2022 (Wed) 06:00 UTC
  • Weekly Snapshots every Wednesday 06:00 UTC
  • Additional announcements of snapshot results after Weekly Snapshot

DAVA Score

In the near future, various additional incentive systems (Parts Trend Score, Story Score, etc.) will be added based on the score.

1. Wearable Score

supplyBase = round((maxSupply + 2)^1.5)
// 1. supplyScore: Higher when the maxSupply is less.
supplyScore = round(RARITY_CONSTANT / supplyBase) + basicScore
// 2. typeMultiplier: Bonus for specific types.
wearableScore = round(supplyScore * typeMultiplier)
result = wearableScore

2. Humanoid Score

totalWearableScore = (sum of scores of equipped wearables)// 1. Bonus with the number of equipped wearables.
humanoid = round(totalWearableScore * equipCountMultiplier)
// 2. Buffs
scoreAfterBuff = round(humanoid * buff)
// 3. Nerfs
scoreAfterBuffAndNerf = round(scoreAfterBuff * nerf)
result = scoreAfterBuffAndNerf

Apply buff first and nerf later. Below is a list of currently applied buffs/nerfs.

  • (Buff) Each Genesis part equipped increases the score by 5%(max 20%)
  • (Nerf) ‘Scammer’s Mask’ decreases the score by 50%

What’s Next?

DAVA Consumable Token (= Pre-DAVA Token)

DAVA ERC-1155 token for use of DAVA utilities within the ecosystem, which will be airdropped according to the rankings of Weekly Snapshots. Coming Soooon!

DAVA Team is committed to the expansion of the DAVA Universe and the development of the W2E ecosystem. Design Your Own Avatar with DAVA!

#DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar.




DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!