Town Hall Meeting Recap : 13th Apr 2022 (EN)

Welcome to DAVA Town Hall Meeting! Today we have a special guest, Director Han from LOK! If you have any questions about LOK and the relationship between DAVA and LOK, today is the day to ask them. But first, let us start by introducing what DAVA has been up to.


Dava is working towards the goal of

‘Make the world know how ____ you are.’

(cool, cute, fashionable, rich, or anything else) through our wearable avatar system.

We are making an avatar that can wear a BAYC NFT hat, Doodles NFT glasses, and Gucci NFT clothes. To make this possible, we are working with UNOPND and Hashed to create a creator economy that will be centered around $DAVA Token and reward participants based on contributions. And we know that all of this would be hard to achieve without the community, so all our activities right now are focused on community revitalization. When it comes to community revitalization, we are establishing and implementing various strategies not only for the activation of existing users, but also for the inflows of new users from all over the world.

A lot of people are curious about our roadmap. We are focusing on the following 3 big steps:

  • Merchandise
  • Community Vault
  • DAVA Token

making products incorporating DAVA Humanoids and Wearables.

Community Vault:
allowing DAVA Gangs to operate DAOs and utilize community vaults that can be used to manage Wearables, Consumables, and other tokens.

DAVA Token:
Finally, through all of these, when community revitalization proceeds, we are preparing to launch the DAVA token and create an organic ecosystem through this token, where participants can take economic benefits.

Currently, we’re going to try various utilities in the DAVA ecosystem. We’re going to give you a token that can be used in our ecosystem in the form of ERC-1155 based on snapshot.

The DAVA utility focuses on facilitating the supply and consumption cycle of wearables, providing existing users with opportunities to participate in the community, and attracting new users and partners.

Today’s town hall meeting will be carried out in two sessions. First session will be with Han from LOK and the second session will be Q&A about DAVA.


Q: If I have a LOK Wearable in DAVA, will it have any effect in LOK?
We’re considering a lot of things right now. There is no fixed part yet, but in the future, when we collaborate with various global NFT projects, we are trying to increase interoperability by melting NFTs in our game. Imagine if you could drop a special game package for users who own DAVA, or give them another utility in the game. However, we will consider the restrictions such as game balance.

Q. Will there be any support in LOK for DAVA users?
Will discuss about that. We’re trying to avoid giving convenience to certain groups as much as possible, but we’ll consider granting utilities to DAVA users, especially those who have LOK Wearables.

Thank you Director Han for joining us! Very excited about the DAVA x LOK partnership.

Questions about DAVA

Q: What is the DAVA team currently doing?
We are working towards our roadmap, community vitalization, and recruitment. We are expanding our community in order to fulfill our roadmap goals and creating a system that allows us to design and mint wearables faster. Internally, we are currently testing out content-oriented features that the community can participate in. We are also focusing on 3D through both internal and external cooperation. We are constantly looking for more illustrators, animators, and modelers, so feel free to contact us anytime!

Q: Could you explain more about snapshots?
In the case of snapshots, we do it every Wednesday at 6AM UTC to reward users who have contributed to the development of our ecosystem. We will continue to take weekly snapshots until the actual launch of our token, and the accumulated data will be utilized in distributing the initial allocation of our token. Before this, we will distribute Pre-DAVA Token, under the name DAVA Consumables, and this will be used in many forms within the DAVA ecosystem.

Q: New Wearables?
We believe that we are currently short in supply of Wearables and plan to issue a lot of new Wearable collections in order to fully utilize our wearable concept. These collections will include collaborations like TheSandbox and LOK, community designed wearables, and DAVA story based wearables.

We plan to further develop our Gang system and progressively move towards a DAO in which the community can create new parts, enjoy DAVA content, casinos, and exercise governance. We are benchmarking other models from different DAOs and communities.

Q: Avatar Reinforcement?
Reinforcement is a system that can increase the basic score of the avatar. It is a system that can overcome the current score limit that comes from being able to only wear 6 parts. This will allow avatars to increase scores in ways other than equipping wearables.

Q: Burn System?
A wearable burning system can be a form of burning a particular wearable and getting new items or increasing the rarity score. This will solve the issue of the excessive supply of common/uncommon items with low scores.

Q: Gamification?
We think the experience of communicating in the community and holding NFTs should be more enjoyable. By providing things that can be enjoyed by utilizing DAVA and wearables, we would like to make activities that make DAVA itself enjoyable and increase its value.

Q: $DAVA token?
We are cautious about the official date of our token launch. Many NFT projects have launched their tokens and saw a steady decline in their prices. Even projects will a solid community are having a hard time maintaining their token prices. We are in continuous discussion with UNOPND and Hashed in order to create a healthy ecosystem and develop tokenomics that can support this. One thing for sure is that we’re not going to release tokens to boost up prices in the short term. This may be bad news for those who want to flip and exit in a short period of time. We believe that tokens are not tools that can make an ecosystem suddenly healthy, but rather a tool that can used when an ecosystem is already healthy. We are following up on the community data such as FP, number of holders, transaction volume, social media followers, active discord users, social media mentions, and other business data like partnerships and utilities. In summary, we will launch our token when there is a friendly market situation, a solid community, and a clear source of demand. The goal is to meet all of these by 4Q 2022. And just to add a little bit more, we take snapshots every week, and this is to measure how much the community participates and contributes to the ecosystem.

Q: Atlier Vandal Badge?
I (Vandal), as the Art Director, am currently devising utility for Atlier Vandal Badges. Some possibilities are exchanging them for my personal 2D or 3D artwork, which could be actual merchandises. We are going to test out many forms and maybe this can lead to all our team members distributing their personal badges for specific utilities.

Q: It would be nice if you could briefly explain why you chose the snapshot method rather than the staking method.
DAVA is intended to utilize the Avatar protocol to enjoy a various utilities, but if you’re staking, you won’t be able to enjoy them. It is reasonable to think that it is a little disadvantageous to take snapshots of items that can be sold directly in the market, but putting them on the market can be a risk when utilities begin to form. Therefore, we are currently not considering staking.

Q: Please explain the buff and nerf system.
When you wear Genesis Wearables, your overall score increases by 5%, and it can be buffed up to 20%. We plan to incorporate the buff system to other Wearables as well, not only confined to the Genesis collection.

Q: I wonder if the score itself is important or the ranking is important when it comes to pre-DAVA token distribution.
The accumulation of your avatar scores from weekly snapshots will be used in the distribution of DAVA token. The rankings will be used for airdrop of DAVA Consumables based on individual snapshots.

Q: Will there be an initial token sale? Or is it only dropped for NFT holders?
It hasn’t been decided yet. If tokens are on sale, there is a high possibility that the price of tokens will rise because many big players come in. The disadvantage is that the holder’s stake is relatively reduced. However, if tokens are only distributed to holders, it will be quite difficult to achieve large price increases. We are continuously researching this and devising appropriate tokenomics.

Q: As of now, the score of the wearables seems to be more important, but team said that the value of the humanoid itself is important. Do you have any plans to give the humanoid its own value?
One of the plans is through the reinforcement system mentioned before. Another is the fact that the scores of wearables is essential meaningless if there is not humanoid that can equip these items.

Q. Are there plans to create a DAVA metaverse where the DAVA Universe will be in 2D or 3D?
One of the main advantages of our avatar system is that it is fully on-chain, and this means that it can be interoperable. We will first utilize this strength by incorporating our avatars in other metaverses like TheSandbox. However, this does not mean that we will not create our own metaverse. We envision our avatars roaming in multiple metaverses, and one of them could be our own.

Thank you all for participating in DAVA Town Hall Meeting. We will be back with more great news 😄




DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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