Town Hall Meeting Recap: 18th Jan 2022

[!] Speakers

sugarpah(Product Manager), ggomma(Contract Developer), inQun(Community Manager), TheSquad(Assistant Manager)


Hello. This is sugarpah from 0xdava hotel. Long time no see guys!

And welcome to davaproject’s townhall meeting!

Before moving on to our topics, we have new members in our team. Let me introduce them first.

Here’s wonbee, he is already with us, he’s concept artist with careers in several major game companies like wemade. he’s work is amazing in detail and used to work in various attractive styles. now he’s working on the concept art of the 3d version of our humanoids. I think we can share in a few days.

And there’s jyaan, he’ll be joining our team this month, he’s also one of our holders. He’s now working as a developer now and has expertise in his area, and I can say he’s a native crypto guy. he has a very smart view of the market and business strategy, and very enthusiastic with our project. we hope to work with him soon.

ok, Let’s see which topic we’re going to cover today.

  1. what team has discussed and decided last week
  2. what we are working on
  3. what we will do in near future?
  4. About the marketing

1. What team has discussed and decided last week

  • davaproject will focus on wearables and composable identity.
  • From now on, we will focus on our fundamentals and things which make large alpha.
  • As all knows, we are building the avatar system which is available in every metaverses. And absolutely it will be the core identity across all the services inside hashed universe.
  • At the same time we are planning to integrate all the NFTs into the dava using our composable features. (such as, PFPs, FineArts, Media and so on). Imagine your dava equip BAYC helmet, ArtBlocks background, doodles eye and so on.
  • We know what is the most important thing for you and our community, the Floor price. All of our decisions and milestones will be more focused on Floor price factor.
  • We’ve set up the further concrete & specific goals.
  • As usual as always, we keep pushing ourselves for dava.

We’ve set up the davaproject’s milestones as folows.

  1. Fundamentals
  • polygon migration, 0xdava leaderboard system, and team building
  • By next week, 0xdava updates, continuously requested by community will be released.
  • And ethereum exodus(polygon migration) will be executed on Feburary.

2. Community Expansion

  • 3D, 3rd party NFT migration, V2(Who will get the most benefits?), DAVA Token launch

3. Creator Economy

  • Fashion Store, Improved token economy

4. Metaverse migration

2. What we’re working on right now

  • Polygon
    Prepare for your migration. Dava finally moves to Polygon planet on Feb.
  • Tokenomics
    Detailed version of tokenomics will be released soon. Someone may think that we are overly cautious of tokenomics. But trust me, well-designed tokenomics will give u the best opportunities. Don’t forget that we are with hashed.
  • DAVA Ranking System
    DAVA Ranking system will be released within 2 weeks. It’ll be updated in our website. Journey is working on 0xdava ranking system. See who’s on the top!
  • 3d Conversion
    we’re now working on conversion of dava humanoid into 3d. The teasor will be released in a month! Stay tuned and be excited to the new form of dava humanoids! Also it’s more comfortable to collab with diverse projects and artists, too.
  • collaborations
    we’re contacting with many other projects, artists and diverse people right now. So that further we can first make our community well-known and bigger. That’ll lead us to be able to collab with other big projects or brands. To be honest, we’ve been contacting a lot these days. Soon, it’ll be reveal one by one. Step by step. Get ready guys :)

3. What we will do in near future?

  • our team now started working by a 2-week basis, so that means we expect some new releases by 2 week term. As ggomma said, our primary goal now is floor price, so we’ll always keep an eye on the price. Our less important plans can be changed depending on if our strategy makes it or not.
  • next week we’ll share our updated progress status and roadmap in you’ll be able to check our project status there.
  • It will include things like creator economy, 0xdava hotel in metaverses, complete features and assets in 3D.
  • But as ggomma and inqun said, plans in near future will be more detailed. We want to tell all of our community about all things, but we should consider 3rd party as well.

4. About the marketing

Many people are nowadays concerning about the marketing. Our team now knows that marketing is the most priority.

  • Diverse collabs
    Actually, we’ve been talking with few influencers and artists about collaborations. To leak something, we’ve been talking with Quiccs. Probably he’s not famous in Korea , but he’s really famous toy maker. He even collaborated with adidas!
    Also there’s a LOT that we had meetings these days. We cannot share right now, we’re too sorry for that, but we’ll release at the right moment and soon as possible to community.
  • davaproject | Facebook
    FB page has created. follow us!
    We created FB page in order to promote more to community of Quicc’s fans. They tends to use facebook more.
  • More active on social media
    From now on, we’ll be more active on twitter. #twitter raid will be open again for daily updates, influencer twitter raids and crypto/ nft news. Because, there will be quite issues on our project on and on. We will also release a lot of things through facebook so better check that out too.
  • As we all know, we need a lot of help from our community too. So it’ll be great to be active in checking out our social media and probably a like and a retweet will be much appreciated. So guys Help us through with it!
  • sandbox and cryptovoxel
    We bought large lands in cryptovoxel. TheSquad and file is now building 0xdava hotel in there. So if you want to participate in building some features in CV, feel free to contact Squad
    And also we got 3X3 sandbox lands! See what’s gonna happen there.


Team used to focus on only developing our project and broaden our horizons. But realized that how dangerous only focusing on our project is. We’re now focus on everything to make FP rise. LFG guys!

Anyone who have questions and suggestions, please feel free to share with us.


  1. When will 0xdava website be renewaled?
    - Our roadmaps will be uploaded next week, but whole homepage renewal will take some time. Maybe next month we need to dicuss more about this.
  2. Why don’t we use wearables when we cooperate with others?
    - That’s exactly what we’re planning for collaboration. For example, when we collab with Quiccs, then we’ll have a wearable item that is related to Quiccs.
  3. How we’re going to make some issues?
    - We’ll prepare a lot of social medias and events. There can be diverse ways, but if we collab with big guys, then it’ll be promoted automatically.
  4. It seems trust between team and community is important these days. Maybe davaproject can communicate with community with some pictures in your works.
    - YES totally. I’m going to prepare to take some pictures. Lol.

If you have further questions, plz let us know thru questions channel in our discord.
Also we’ll release as many alphas as possible while in progress. We’ll notice as many times as possible :)

Also from now on, we’re gonna do townhall meeting in once a month. But there can be unannual causal talks in twitterspace, or other platforms, so feel free to join us and let’s have fun together! LFG!!




DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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