Town Hall Meeting Recap: 22th Feb 2022

Hello 0XDAVA members! Polygon migration is so close!

There are some things that we need to share with our community. About our roadmaps, and polygon migrations. Also there are some new teammates to introduce. Mr. Manner, Dr.Krone, and Jacob.

New Team members

Mr. Manner:
This is Mr. Manner. I am a former software engineer from 9GAG, Flitto, Naver, MediBloc, etc. My focus is on product development and business development. Current priority is Dava smart contracts. I am excited to be here.

Hey guys. I am Dr.Krone, in charge of business development. I previously worked at Krafton (PUBG) and Bain & Company. Looking forward to mingle with you guys and build up an extraordinary product with the team and the community.

Hey guys, I’m Jacob and I recently joined the team as a frontend developer. Very excited to be part of the DAVA team and community and looking forward to taking DAVA to the next level.


Yall seen our Roadmaps. I’m going to breifly announce what will going to happen till upcoming march.

In feb,

  • polygon migration
  • visual upgrades

will be done and solve some problems that our project members have. Like too much gas fees.

In mar,

  • Wear 2 Earn and pre-dava token launch
  • We will build story of dava together.
  • visual upgrades will be ongoing.

Also collborations will be announced step by step. You can check out more long term roadmaps through our discord, in announcement .

Polygon Migration


To take advantage of the global community, and to link with many metaverse projects, we started in Ethereum, the main nft base.

  1. But the cost of utilities is so high that our core wearable system doesn’t work well.
  2. The cost of changing clothes is reduced to 1/1000. The tx speed is also very fast, it would be confirmed less than 2 seconds.
  3. The largest metaverse projects (Decentraland, TheSandbox) will also go to Polygon.
  4. The Ethereum Foundation is also actively supporting Layer2.

Some Points

  • The migration gas fee will be very low, and we got funded from the official polygon team, so all of you will get free MATIC while migration.
  • You can only move from Ethereum to Polygon and not vice versa.


  • First, the polygon portal will start to load from Feb 28th. When loading starts, Ethereum Dava is no longer able to change wearables. The loading will take about 24 hours.
  • After the portal is up and starts to run, features other than migration will be stopped on Ethereum 0xdava.
  • When migration proceeds, Ethereum Dava will be changed to “symbol” NFT and a new polygon Dava will be created.
  • During the migration process, all equipped parts will be unequipped.

— — — — Questions — — — —


Q: Is there any land owned by Dava in the metaverse sandbox? How big is it? What types of activities are carried out on this earth? Do you own Dava Project in another virtual space? If not, do you have any future plans?

  • we have 3 by 3 land in The Sandbox and we’re building a stadium in the CryptoVoxel. Our member TheSquad is in charge of it. We’re also interested in so many kinds of metaverses like Decentraland, MatrixWorld, NFTWorlds, WorldwideWebb, etc. but we’re researching them before actively investing and developing them. About TheSandbox, we are gonna announce something in March.

Q: If you move to polygon, W2E will start in earnest, so please explain in detail how it works. Is this a way to mine tokens by creating high-ranking avatars and staking those avatars?

  • you know, Hashed and DAVA researched all kinds of the NFT tokens and its tokenomics, and the result was: all the coins just keep going downside. That’s what the weak economy looks like. you can see some pre-DAVA tokens on the roadmap. that is experimental and a little far from real economic use, but the activities related to it will be so fun and we can test the possible use cases with the community. I think we can release some documents and diagrams in early March. It’s related to our wearable marketplace, and andre cronje’s voting escrow things. did you heard about ve(3, 3)? It’s like that.

Q: I understand that new avatars and parts are being produced. Are these parts and avatars exchanged for existing avatars? Or is it an airdrop format? If it is added, are there any countermeasures against that inflation?

  • The total number of avatars will be maintained at 10,000, and even if version 2 is launched, it will be in a different class from the current genesis avatar. Parts with low rarity can increase a lot, and we already have a solution about the inflation of parts. It’s related with our stories and some plays with it.


Q: Is Decentral Land will also be included in metaverse that can use DAVA?

  • I can’t be sure atm, but we really hope so.

Q: Is there any upcoming games planned in DAVA project?

  • Previously, I said that it will be a text-based game, but that project has been dropped. It will be played in a different form, and it will be played in an interesting format that everyone can participate in and that no one has played yet. @journey is currently designing this.

Q: What will be the next step that Team will mostly focus on after Polygon Migration?

  • As shown in the roadmap, we plan to launch the pre-dava token with some stories and proceed with aggressive actions for parts collaboration. You will see a lot of hijacking current hot issues and putting out bold artwork.


Q: Until now, it was traded based on the existing ranking score. But, as Vandal mentioned about “the fashion score” concept last time, is there will be any disadvantage to existing traders due to the lack of importance of the rarity score? I wonder how to solve this part

  • oh, fashion score is a system that scores based on popularity, not rarity. we’re still researching about it, and we’re not importing it this time, and we don’t have any plan to switch to it in near future. It will be decided by the community.




DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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