Weekly Town Hall Meeting Recap: 16th Dec 2021

Weekly Townhall Meeting

[!] Speakers

sugarpah(Product Manager), ggomma(Contract Developer), TheSquad(Assistant Manager)

[!] Weekly Updates

1. Accident in Meta gang & DAO channel

A lot of people gave advice and feedback to the team about the recent meta gang accident and how to deal with it. Above all, the whole team was deeply concerned about the fact that there is no clear standard that anyone can sympathize with and acknowledge.

Therefore, we want to create a channel where members can raise issues formally and collect opinions from the community. Through this, we can clearly understand the overall opinion of the community, and we want to set a standard for decision-making that everyone agrees on.

The way we are currently contemplating collecting opinions is as follows.

  1. Open a channel where you can raise issues freely
  2. Upload issues that have received more than a certain number of attention (emoticons) to the official vote
  3. Community members can participate in voting for a certain period of time, and the agenda that has received more than a certain level of ‘consent’ becomes a reality

We will provide you with more detailed figures as soon as possible.

2. Result of the competition

We’ve taken a snapshot from twitter and discord and the winning gang will be announced soon. And the rule was below.


  1. Create Twitter account which represents your gang
  2. And the gang who get the highest number of followers will win the competition


  1. Follow ‘davaproject’ twitter
  2. Retweet everything from davaproject.

3. Next competition

We’ve received comments from Gang leaders about the topic of competition. It should be enjoyable across the community. We agree with that. So our Assistant Manager, theSquad is preparing the gaming event as a competition.

And if you have any good idea for the competition, feel free to tell us :)

4. Tokenomics

The draft version of the tokenomics was uploaded on our discord! Just be aware that this is a “draft” version. So it can be changed a lot in future. And to build a healthy tokenomics, we need your feedback.

5. Polygon

We are on the testing period. It takes some time to minimize the gas fee. We will let you know when we’re done with the testing

[!] Questions from community

What do I need to prepare for polygon migration

Not much, maybe just a few clicks. You even don’t have to make a new wallet. Detailed instruction will be provided when we are ready.

What / When 0xdava games?

it’s a simple text-based adventure game, and sugarpah is designing it. You can see mini stories on the description of the item. The game is about that. But it takes some time to build it. Not in coming weeks.

Any plan to bring new users into our community?

We want to focus more on the current users. And would be very appreciated if you got any ideas.

[!] Next Town Hall Meeting

Next townhall meeting will be held on 01:00 24th Dec, which is 10:00 24th Dec in KST.

Hope to see you guys there.




DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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DAVA is the future form of avatar for the metaverse: On-chain Customizable NFT. #DYOA: Design Your Own Avatar!

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